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Dear Viewer,

This has always been a great pleasure for me to involve myself in any kind of social work for the poor, oppressed, disadvantaged and destitute people of a country like ours where majority of people lead a miserable life under the poverty line and where children are the subject to be neglected, abused or tortured to death.


The leading personalities all over the world are getting much more concerned for poverty alleviation from the countries of the Third World and introduce the process of sustainable development. Side by side of the Government initiatives, voluntary organizations of International & National status are working also to address the needs of the suffering multitudes with a view to empower them to live in the communities with social dignity.


In this noble process, Annesha Foundation (AF) has been implementing a number of development programs to benefit the people of its operational areas with all its limited resources in terms of money, materials & manpower. It wonít be irrelevant in this concern to mention here that AF has successfully implemented all itís programs in achieving its target over the last working period. The beneficiaries of AF have greatly been benefited through their intervention. If the activities of AF are compared to those of previous years, it will be found that the volume of work has been increasing step by step and every year, the progress of activities have been promoting inch to inches.



I admire the leadership of AF Executive Committee and the untiring effort of the staffs and volunteers of the organization for their dedication towards their Duties. I am also thankful to all those who always had for me eyes full of inspiration. I, on behalf of AF, convey my heartful thanks to our benevolent Donors and sincere gratitude to all the concerned Government Authorities of our country for their kind cooperation as well as valuable advices to run our programs well and good. Yet AF feels sorry to quote here that AF suffers a lot for the shortage of fund to run all of itís programs integrally in all itís operational areas in 9 districts of the country. For this reason, AF invites Donors to extend their helping hands to support any of our development programs for the upliftment of the educational, health and economical status of these disadvantaged people of our country. At present, AF runs the


Following activities in its operational areas:


1.      Formation of saving groups with poor and disadvantaged women & build up saving mentality ;

2.      Credit support for Income Generating Programmes ;

3.      Education Program ;

4.      Women Development Program ;

5.      Training program ;

6.      Urban Program ;

7.      Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project ;

8.      Social Forestry and Nursery Program ;

9.      Agriculture and Agricultural Farm Activities ;

10. Aquaculture in Ďgherí Program ;

11. Water and Sanitation Program ;

12. Relief and Rehabilitation Program ;


AF has opened an WebPage at Website bearing the address Ė



also email: fdhaka@dhaka.net


All the information about AFís activities along with the latest Annual Report are now available here.

If you are interested to support any of our programs, you are requested to contact with the undersigned person at the address given herewith.


I shall also keep on praying to the Almighty for his blessings upon us to work for these people of our country and for all my well wishers who always be our side to sustain the organizational activities I have observed with satisfaction that the staffs of Annesha Foundation had been sincere and hardworking, I have confident that the experiences they have gathered would help in taking up matters of greater responsibilities in future.

May God be with us ever and anon.


Kamolindu karmokar


Annsha Foundation (AF).



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