Vision Statement of the Organization

 The vision of the organization is to help building a just and sustainable society through Gospel Values of Love.

Principles of Annesha Foundation (AF)

Annesha Foundation (AF) is a humanitarian development


Ensuring social development in the working areas through creating environment of unity, order, cooperation and voluntary services.

Integrating the helpless, distressed and unemployed people in socio-economic and cultural activities and assuring their advancement.

 Mission Statement of the Organization

 The mission of the organization is to help establishing human dignity of the poor and marginal people through institution building and empowerment process.  Annesha Foundation (AF) measures its success with the positive changes of the people in terms of quantity and quality. Annesha Foundation (AF) is committed to reach at its vision by involving highly qualified, skilled, experienced and dedicated staff members & volunteers. 



- Annual Board Meeting has held on

                                                            2013 Annesha Foundation,
31/2,Senpara Parbata,mirpur-10
Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Phone :
88-02-9005637, 8061693
Fax : 88-02-9005638