Annesha At A Glance:


·         To identify problems and resources of the largest people through baseline survey;

·         To organize the neglected, poor and underprivileged people and form saving groups according to profession, sex and age through motivation, education and consciousness raising;

·         To organize regular meeting, training, seminar, workshop, refresher’s courses and discussion meeting to accelerate human development, leadership and skillness in order to increase knowledge, skills and to change attitude of our targeted people;

·         To create sense of solidarity, inter and intra group cohesion, reduce dependency and increase self-dignity, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and self-reliance among the disadvantaged people of our targeted area;

·         To develop sense of unity, saving tendency, co-operative, credit union and cottage industries for supporting joint actions;

·         To provide package of basic services on health, nutrition, family planning, population education, motivation and related sectors;

·         To develop people’s cultural heritage through local folkmedia;

·         To support viable income and employment generation program followed by appropriate skills and vocational training;

·         To develop appropriate rural technologies;

·         To ensure and facilitate the beneficiaries to realize their present position in the existing society, while establishing their basic human rights nd justice through joint actions;

·         To provide emergency services at the time of natural calamities, i.e., flood, cyclone and drought etc.

Working Strategy:

AF believes in integrated development strategy with bottom-up participatory approach and management frame work based on the people’s felt needs.


AF’s philosophy lies in empowerment of people realizing their own strengths and power and with these awakening she/he is able to organize and make an analysis of his own problems and situations while ensuring their active participation on development works.

AF’s Policy:

AF envisages promotion and development of the rural poor and the disadvantaged by providing different services, technical assistance and carrying out research for over all development for the mankind.

AF’s Beneficiaries:

·          Landless and have not people;

·         Marginal farmers, share cropper and fisherman;

·         Neglected and destitute women, children and y




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